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Gelatitalia’s aim is to lead their clients towards a new understanding of bakery and ice-cream making, where artisan products don’t just comply with the highest quality and sustainability standards, but also strive to tackle consumers with ever original ideas, straying from the beaten path and at the same time picking up all the ideas that come from Italian cuisine and our country’s natural settings, in the attempt of renovating tradition while preserving it. Our catalog is the tangible proof of such approach: all our products, from ice-cream bases to cake mixes, are made with strictly selected raw materials, combined according to recipes balanced down to the slightest detail. And this is not the end of it: our gluten-free, lactose-free and organic products meet the most varied eating needs; alongside with this, we develop tailor-made solutions for our clients looking for unique products that can really make them stand out from competitors. Our aim as suppliers for ice-cream-parlors, bakeries and HoReCa-businesses is indeed to raise the value, reliability and quality of your commercial offer, while supporting you directly through all the stages of supply, production and sale. Check out Gelatitalia’s online catalog and discover the variety and wealth of our assets!