Ice-Cream Garnishes

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special black cherries A001577 tin 5kg 4 tins
speculoos biscuit crumble A005618 bag 1kg 10 bags
amaretti crumble A000031 bag 2kg 5 bags
meringue crumble A000032 bag 2kg 5 bags
hazelnut crumble A006594 bag 3kg 8 bags
sugar coated hazelnut crumble A000027 bag 1kg 12 bags
pistachio crumble A003321 bag 1kg 10 bags
cocoa A008776 bag 2 kg 4 bags
caramel A008777 bag 2 kg 4 bags
classic A008778 bag 2 kg 4 bags
red fruits A008779 bag 2 kg 4 bags
lemon A008772 bag 2 kg 4 bags
hazelnut A008780 bag 2 kg 4 bags
pistachio A008781 bag 2 kg 4 bags


Within Gelatitalia’s catalog of garnishes there is a lot of new ideas for you to display your ice creams, parfaits and cakes in a far more creative way: delicious nut granolas made with hazelnuts, hazelnut pralines, meringue, pistachios and cookies to sprinkle over your creations, make them crunchier and endow them with a remarkable flavor, matching or contrasting with the main ones of your desserts, and then juicy black cherries to embellish the mirror glazes of your parfaits. Discover the complete range of garnishes and decorations for ice creams and desserts here and turn your creations into out-and-out masterpieces!


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