Gelatitalia’s History

Gelatitalia was born in 1982 as the sub-brand of Granulati Italia dedicated to the production and sale of mixes for ice-cream making and baked goods. Stemmed from the passion of its founder Oscar Nesta, it was the first company to use the instantaneization process in Italy.

Halfway through a decade marked by the emergence of junk food and the trend of food waste, our company stood out for their decision not to use hydrogenated fats in their leading product, the Granulat 50 ice-cream base, and evolved along the following decades in tune with a completely different view of consumption: more attentive to the impact of food on the environment and the health of people.

Technological Innovation & Customer Care

Starting with the first Gelatitalia-branded line, made up of granular products for fruit ice creams, we have kept on developing new technologies and we have engaged in the research of top notch raw materials, expanding our range of activity to large-scale distribution, HoReCa and vending machines and creating cutting-edge products. Among our latest technological advancements and an utter novelty for the market, our company has developed a spraying and ultrasound microencapsulation of fat matter system, a procedure which allows us to preserve in a far more efficient and durable way the organoleptic characteristics of our products.

Today our catalog includes a varied array of mixes for ice-cream and parfait making which never stops to evolve and expand on the basis of what we learn from the market and the emerging taste trends of our customers, which we welcome enthusiastically and professionally by complying with the most important food safety and quality international standards: this is how our lactose-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and organic lines were born.

This way, with unadulterated transparency towards consumers, as well as those who decide to pick us as their suppliers for their ice-cream & yogurt parlors, bakeries and coffee shops, our family-run company has managed to establish themselves as one of the main benchmarks in this sector, not just due to the quality of their products, which makes them outright designers of taste, but also due to the additional guarantees they can offer: specifically, the unlikelihood of any production breakdowns ever happening, obtained through the usage of parallel production lines and machineries, continuous ordinary computerized maintenance and the employment of long-time, trusted suppliers.

Our Commitment To Environment & Sustainability

By fusing tradition and innovation, we strive to improve our contribution to the preservation of a safe environment for men and women to live in. We owe all we have to nature and we wish to pay it back in any way possible by contributing directly to the welfare of the people who work for us and consume our products. We, in fact, commit to:

  • Using environmentally-friendly packaging;
  • Privileging certified raw materials with quality labels like DOP and IGP;
  • Relying on natural colorants and vegetable stock to grant the genuineness of our products;
  • Undersigning an ethical work protocol and selecting our suppliers on the basis of company quality certifications, alongside with product quality;
  • Digitalizing orders and other company processes in order to cut the consumption of paper;
  • Eliminating polystyrene and plastic from our selling circuits, as well as from our offices (we only drink coffee in paper cups!);
  • Encouraging our employees to use green means of transport;
  • Endowing our employees with chilling areas that foster conviviality within green frames.

There is still a lot of work to do and we plan on keeping it up with the support of people like you, who decide to trust us and contribute, together with us, to the development of more sustainable and conscious consumer habits.

A family business

Come visit us at our headquarters in Boltiere, in the province of Bergamo, or oppure reach out to us through our website!