Open A Gelatitalia Ice-Cream Franchise

Are you harboring the dream of opening your own ice-cream parlor, but you don’t know where to start? Bureaucracy scares you and looks like an unsurmountable barrier? Gelatitalia helps you understand what it takes to open your own artisanal ice-cream parlor and supports you through every stage of your new life project!

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During the preliminary stage:

  • We draft a feasibility study to help you manage your investment cautiously;
  • We take care of drawing up the business plan for your artisan ice-cream parlor.

Prior to opening:

  • We help you pick the most efficient and cutting-edge machineries so to prevent you from falling into marketing traps;
  • We support you in the organization of space in your business premises according to logical and efficiency criteria, as well as in compliance with HACCP standards;
  • We give you training on matters of workflow organization and methods.

Once the business is started:

  • We increase your business visibility through traditional and online marketing tools;
  • We support you with insight and advice on Gelatitalia’s supplies before, during and after purchases;
  • We solve any problems that you may face in working the machineries and making ice-cream, starting with the measuring out of mixes and up to the storage of finished goods.

Why Opening An Ice-Cream Parlor At All? And Why Doing It With Gelatitalia?

At a time in history when every new business seems to fail at getting off the ground, betting on an evergreen product like artisanal ice cream is surely a smart move; what will make you stand out from your competitors will not just be the support Gelatitalia will be giving you during the preliminary stages, which will nonetheless allow you to position yourself strategically on the target market, but also the high profile of our mixes for ice-cream making, made in compliance with advanced food safety and quality standards.

And that’s not the end of it: our product lines are devised in tune with the evolution of new market trends and aim at anticipating their fluctuations and changes. This doesn’t just mean looking out for new flavors to please and surprise customers, but also meet their manifold eating needs: that’s why we developed our gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and organic products, which all prove our strong attention towards the environment and human health. We voice all the natural aromas and flavors of the raw materials we so accurately select from a 100% Italian supply chain and never adulterate them with any chemical additives whatsoever: through Gelatitalia you will therefore be able to offer your clients genuine products made like in the days gone by. In business ever since 1982, bound to tradition and attentive to quality, we are the right partner to start your new commercial activity.

Contact us to open your Gelatitalia ice-cream franchise!
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