Customized Artisanal Ice-Cream Bases

Among the mixes for ice-cream making, bases are undoubtedly the most important and difficult to handle when preparing artisanal ice cream. Creating a good base for artisanal ice creams indeed means to measure out all their components in a balanced way, functional to the creation of a balanced product from the standpoint of taste and nutrients, that is:

  • Proteins, which give ice cream its creaminess;
  • Sugar, that lowers the freezing point and avoids, with the support of fats too, crystallization, which is what makes ice cream crunch under your teeth in an unpleasant way;
  • Lastly, thickeners and emulsifiers, which bind all these components together making the product stable and compact.
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Why Requesting A Tailor-Made Base From Gelatitalia

The specialized support of a supplier of pre-made mixes for ice-cream making like Gelatitalia, in business since 1982, allows any ice-cream maker to rely on perfectly balanced recipes according to the aforementioned factors and compliant with high food safety and quality standards. And that’s not the end of it: we are also capable of customizing recipes to your specific needs, realizing products that can meet your clients’ manifold tastes. We are eager to invest our time in the research of ingredients that will make your display cabinets look unique and to process them keeping in mind your clientele’s needs, whether it’s just transitory taste trends or rather food intolerances and allergies.

Thanks to a cutting-edge balancer software for artisanal ice cream, as out-and-out designers of taste, we can fine-tune our bases so that they meet all these requirements and help you voice your unique professional identity. Each and every recipe is stored on our computers in order for it to be replicated at any future time. There are many a benefit in requesting a customized base:

  • Faster and easier ice-cream making processes;
  • Reduction of the margin for error, consequently resulting in a cut of expenses and waste of raw materials;
  • Increased productivity and incomes for your ice-cream parlor.

How To Request A Customized Base

In order to process your request for a tailor-made ice-cream base we will need the following information:

  • Ingredients and doses of your recipe;
  • Type of method used, cold or hot;
  • Percentage of dilution used in the mix;
  • Desired nutritional values;
  • Any additional desired features (lactose-free, low-fat, low-sugar, vegan, etc.).

Contact us to know the terms and conditions of this service and submit us your request for a custom-made ice-cream base!

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