Fruit Ice-Cream Toppings

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
black cherry A008434 tin 3kg 2 tins
orange A007603 tin 3kg 2 tins
fig A005729 tin 3kg 2 tins
strawberry A000210 tin 3kg 2 tins
berries A000211 tin 3kg 2 tins
mango A006950 tin 3kg 2 tins
passion fruit A006951 tin 3kg 2 tins


Fruit ice-cream toppings are concentrated products that exploit the natural intensity of Italian fruit to boost the flavor of your white bases, giving your ice creams a whole new dimension of taste. Black cherries, strawberries, currants and figs are all gathered in our catalog of liquid fruit toppings to make artisanal ice creams even fresher and more fragrant. The quality of our raw materials is one with the reliability of our processing methods, which are, in turn, a warranty for the final consumer’s safety; the latter is also guaranteed by the absence of any traces of gluten, a most welcome warranty for those among your clients who suffer from coeliac disease. Discover our whole array of liquid fruit toppings here on this page!


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