Complet “TAO”

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
tao nero A003516 65°C max complete bag 1kg 10 bags
tao bianco A008349 65°C max complete bag 1,5kg 6 bags
Tao Ruby A006537 65°C max complete bag 1,6kg 6 bags
Tao Santo Domingo Mono Origin A007626 65°C max complete bag 1,8kg 6 bags
Tao Sao Tomè Mono Origin A007628 65°C max complete bag 1,8kg 6 bags
Tao Perù Mono Origin A007627 65°C max complete bag 1,8kg 6 bags
Tao Ecuador Mono Origin A007625 65°C max complete bag 1,8kg 6 bags


We’re celebrating the most widely loved ice-cream flavor of all in this special line dedicated to chocolate ice-cream bases: thanks to our 8 different complete bases, you will be able to make an artisanal chocolate ice cream by the book, indulging your whims and the taste of your customers. Our Complet “Tao” line indeed ranges from the creamy consistency and vanilla scent of white chocolate to the countless aromatic hues of dark chocolate: from the toasted and acidic taste of Ecuadorean cocoa to the bitter and flowery one of Dominican beans, from the fragrance of the Peruvian to the fruity complexity of the Sao Tomé beans. The range is topped off by the lavish Tao Ruby made with ruby cocoa beans, that you can use to make a fruity and slightly acidic pink chocolate ice cream. All of our single-origin chocolates and Black Tao are lactose-free and can be processed with water only, so they are suitable both for lactose intolerants and vegans. Discover all the flavors of the Complet “Tao” line and contact us for more info!


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