Complet Line

Gelatitalia’s Complet line comprises a rich array of complete mixes that enable you to get creamy and extraordinarily tasty ice creams. Browse our mixes for creams and fruit ice creams and discover all the flavors that fit in the colorful mosaic of Gelatitalia’s offer: the exhilarating scents of brushwood, exotic fruits, nuts, Mediterranean typical citrus fruits and then all the flavors real gourmands look for, like cookies, cheesecake, licorice, alongside with the more traditional ones like milk and TAO, our trademark dark chocolate, rich in palate-enveloping cocoa butter. Our range of complete artisanal ice-creams mixes subsumes both lactose-free and vegan-friendly options, allowing you to offer options that suit a modern-day ice-cream parlor, attentive to all consumers’ needs.


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