Complete Ice-Cream Bases

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
base galattica A003237 85° complete bag 5,5kg 2 bags
base italia A003218 85° complete bag 7,4kg 2 bags
base granulmix f A003165 85° complete bag 5kg 2 bags
base elisa A006513 85° complete bag 1,5kg 6 bags
base granulmix milk A003202 85° complete bag 5kg 2 bags
base ISI A008409 cold complete bag 1,1kg 12 bags
base vegan A008373 65° complete bag 1,4kg 8 bags


Gelatitalia’s complete ice-cream bases are the essential tool you need to standardize the quality of your products and ice-cream making processes: these powdered mixes for the preparation of 100% complete ice-cream bases are perfectly balanced in terms of stabilizers, sugars, proteins and fats, made from excellent raw materials. By leafing through the instructions you’ll receive together with your powdered ice-cream mix, you’ll be able to create creamy and airy ice creams and maintain their exact taste and quality over time. Our recipes will give your final product the right consistency, durability and smoothness, not just resulting in a tasty and palatable ice cream, but in one which is also safe for consumers and esthetically appealing. Explore all our complete ice-cream bases for your parlor and contact us to get a quote.


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