Bases For Baked Goods

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
altea A007496 cold complete bag 1kg 6 bags
iris fiordilatte A002986 cold complete bag 1kg 10 bags
iris cacao A004219 cold complete bag 1kg 10 bags
Iris Yogurt A006964 cold complete bag 1kg 10 bags
master mousse A003029 cold complete bag 1kg 10 bags

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Ready-made bases for bakeries are a precious asset to allow you to speed up the preparation of desserts and grant your clients always the same product quality over time. By relying on a specialized supplier of mixes for bakery like Gelatitalia you will be able to count not just on high-quality raw materials and an expedite supply service, but also on our expertise in promptly detecting new consumer trends and keeping up to date with market demands through a passionate and tireless research. Explore our catalog of bases for parfaits, frozen cakes and mousses or ask for our support to create a custom-made product tailored on your bakery’s clients’ needs.


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