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Instant Powdered Creams

CodicePreparazioneDosaggioPackagingUnità di venditaCartoneGluten Free
crema catalanaA004283coldbag400g10 bags
custardA00303475°Cbag3kg4 bags
crema tiramisùA004297coldbag1kg6 bags
pastiquikA002945coldbag900g6 bags
pastiquik (hot process)A00655775°Cbag1kg6 bags
Tiramisù MixA006732coldbag900g6 bags

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Mini cakes, croissants, sponge cakes, milk puddings and custards: what do all of these delicacies have in common? Their fillings: delicious, smooth and velvety creams to lick one’s lips! To prepare them in the easiest way and avoid the conservation issues which are typical of fresh goods, try Gelatitalia’s powdered products, which will allow you to closely replicate the flavor and palatability of fresh custards. In our assortment you will find mixes to use for the preparation of custards either with the cold or hot method, Catalan creams and tiramisu-flavored creams that you can also use to prepare desserts in cups. The rounded and rich taste of bakery old-time favorites is just one step away from you: discover our range of gluten-free instant powdered creams!