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Mixes For Baked Goods

CodicePreparazioneDosaggioPackagingUnità di venditaCartoneGluten Free
meringue mixA006556120°Cbag500g10 bags
cocoa sponge cake mixA006554180°Cbag1kg6 bags
Cocoa Sponge Cake Mix 12 pcsA006985cartoncart. 12pcs
sponge cake mixA006553180°Cbag1kg6 bags
sponge cake 10 pcsA006810boxcarton  10pcs
shortcrust pastry mixA006555180°Cbag800g6 bags
shortcrust pastry mix fluten freeA006731180°Cbag800g6 bags

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Would you like to treat your bakery’s clients with a wider range of baked goods, but you don’t have space or personnel enough to create everything you want to without wasting supplies and with the guarantee of uniform results over time? Gelatitalia proposes you a catalog of tasty and balanced powdered mixes for baked goods to create desserts that have the same texture and scents they would have if they had just been brought to life by the hands of a maître pâtissier. Our core products include mixes for the preparation of airy and soft sponge cakes, both traditional and cocoa-flavored, fragrant shortcrust pastries, souffles and chocolate cakes. Our offer also includes mixes for the preparation of gluten-free desserts like meringue: discover the whole of Gelatitalia’s proposals here!