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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
Lebù cream A008406  –  can 1,2kg 8 cans
Lebù topping A008418  –  bottle 1kg 6 bottles


One solution for 5 recipes!
Tiramisù is Italy’s most famous and mouth-watering dessert. A base of tasty Savoiardi soaked in coffee, a delicious cream made with eggs, mascarpone and sugar, and finally a generous sprinkling of cocoa: et voila!
Lebù brings the uncompromising taste of tiramisù to the world of cold desserts. A quick and easy preparation for 5 amazing results.

  1. Soft
  2. Cold cream
  3. Spoon dessert
  4. Ice cream
  5. Semifreddo

Lebù, buono come il tiramisù



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