Ice-Cream Toppings

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
black cherry A000329 bottle 1kg 8 bottles
coffee A000337 bottle 1kg 8 bottles
caramel A000345 bottle 1kg 8 bottles
chocolate A000350 bottle 1kg 8 bottles
strawberry A000352 bottle 1kg 8 bottles
berries A000651 bottle 1kg 8 bottles
hazelnut A000637 bottle 1kg 8 bottles


Handy and easy to use, toppings are the finishing touch to garnish the creamy, compact waves of your artisanal ice cream: with their intense colors, they make the eyes happy and tickle the palate with brand new notes of flavor. Gelatitalia ice-cream toppings are ready to use on frozen desserts and enhance their flavor with scents of black cherry, coffee, caramel, chocolate, strawberries, currants, kiwi and hazelnut. They are made with high quality ingredients which maintain their characteristics over time, provided they are correctly preserved; they are also downright gluten-free. Discover the whole array of Gelatitalia ice-cream toppings and choose them to garnish your desserts!


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