Ice-Cream Toppings Gnam! Line

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
classic hazelnut cream A001631 tin 5kg 2 tins
white chocolate cream A001626 tin 5kg 2 tins
mou sale’ flavored cream A005726 tin 5kg 2 tins
pistachio cream A005727 tin 5kg 2 tins
dark chocolate cream A001623 tin 5kg 2 tins
Crock Nutty Cream A007631 tin 5kg 2 tins
Crock Bonita Cream A007632 tin 5kg 2 tins

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Gnam! is our line of ice-cream toppings ideal for the preparation of firm and tasty chocolate creams, for filling crunchy waffle cones and buckets and giving a whole deeper dimension of taste to your artisanal products. In our catalog you will find five different types of toppings: hazelnut, dark chocolate, white chocolate, salt toffee and pistachio. Made with selected ingredients from an entirely Italian supply chain, these toppings are ready to use and have a 18 months’ minimum shelf life. Your artisanal ice cream will look even prettier and taste fabulous: discover Gelatitalia’s Gnam! line!


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