Custard-Based Ice-Cream Toppings

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
paciugotti cookie A006970 tin 3kg 2 tins
paciugotti cookie gluten free A008367 tin 3kg 2 tins
hazelnut cream with cereals A001616 tin 3kg 2 tins
hazelnut and Gianduia cream A001662 tin 3kg 2 tins
hazelnut cream with nougat A001604 tin 3kg 2 tins
hazelnut cream with wafer A001608 tin 3kg 2 tins
mou A005737 tin 3kg 2 tins
trifle A008293 tin 3kg 2 tins


Our ice-cream custard-based toppings are paste preparations that you can employ in layered chocolate creams or to enrich the taste of ice-cream buckets. In this special array you can find everything you need  to boost the flavor of your white bases: delicious products to treat your ice-cream parlor’s clients with the cuddling flavor of delicious hazelnuts and enveloping cocoa. Discover the full range of toppings for artisanal ice creams and find out how to combine them with Gelatitalia bases in order to get the best out of the quality of our 100% Italian raw materials.


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