Mixes For Slushes

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
black cherry A004754 bag 630g 20 bags
orange A004780 bag 630g 20 bags
strawberry A004800 bag 630g 20 bags
lemon A004854 bag 630g 20 bags
mango A006509 bag 630g 20 bags
mint A004729 bag 630g 20 bags
watermelon A004768 bag 630g 20 bags
neutral flavor A004825 bag 1,2kg 10 bags
Sicilian Slushes
citron A005760 bag 750g 12 bags
wild strawberry A006507 bag 750g 12 bags
lemon A004886 bag 750g 12 bags
almond A006508 bag 750g 12 bags
coffee special A004486 bag 750g 20 bags
Slush Flavors
black cherry A000699 bottle 750g 6 bottles
watermelon A000704 bottle 750g 6 bottles
orange A000698 bottle 750g 6 bottles
cola A000700 bottle 750g 6 bottles
strawberry A000702 bottle 750g 6 bottles
berries A000708 bottle 750g 6 bottles
lemon A000695 bottle 750g 6 bottles
mint A000697 bottle 750g 6 bottles
tropical A000706 bottle 750g 6 bottles

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Gelatitalia’s line of coffee shop supplies comprises a range of mixes for slush machines which you can use to make slushes with an authentically Sicilian taste and smooth texture. Alongside with our line of mixes for the preparation of traditional slushes, which subsumes all-time kids’ and adults’ fruity favorites, we also propose a line that conjures up the distinctive scents of the region where slushes originate from and where they make a protagonist of breakfasts and brunches: from citron to almond, Gelatitalia’s Sicilian slushes mixes will allow your clients to fully experience the atmosphere and flavors of this beautiful land. Together with mixes, you can also rely on an array of taste enhancers to be added to slush neutral bases to add a finishing creative touch to your coffee shop products. Discover the whole range on this page!


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