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Mixes For Grilled Desserts

CodicePreparazioneDosaggioPackagingUnità di venditaCartoneGluten Free
crepes mix strayberryA006208bag1kg10 bags
crepes mix pistachioA006206bag1kg10 bags
crepes mix vanillaA006204bag1kg10 bags
crepes mixA004186bag500g10 bags
crepes mix gluten freeA006819bag500g10 bags

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Grilled desserts are what you need to offer your consumers a tasty and quick treat at any time of the day: with our powdered mixes you will be able to let your creativity loose when jotting down your menu and to cut dessert-making times, all the while granting your clients the same product quality over time. In Gelatitalia’s catalog you will find mixes for crepes, pancakes, waffles and many other delicatessen to cap your offer with easy-to-use, high-quality products made with passion and through the research of excellent raw materials and balanced recipes. Discover all our mixes for grilled desserts now!