Mixed Ice-Cream Garnishes

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
cocoa 22/24 kg 1 A003288 F/85°C bag 1kg 10 bags
cocoa 22/24 kg 5 A003289 F/85°C bag 5kg 2 bags
Freeze dried instant coffee A005243 bag 200g 18 bags
instant soluble coffee A005235 bag 200g 18 bags
dextromix A003284 cold bag 5kg 2 bags
skimmed milk powder A005612 F/85°C bag 1kg 6 bags
licorice powder A003311 cold bag 3kg 2 bags


Haven’t found the perfect artisanal ice-cream decorations yet? Browse through this section to find a whole new series of ideas to embellish your ice creams, parfaits and milk puddings and custards in an appealing way or give them an additional touch of flavor: alongside with traditional products like powdered cocoa and soluble coffee, you will also find licorice, vanillin, sweetened yolk, powdered skimmed milk and much more. Browse this page to find everything you need to top up the look and taste of your parlor’s desserts with style and creativity!


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