Carnival-Themed Garnishes & Crumble Toppings For Ice Cream

Each region in our country can boast at least one special Carnival sweet. Chiacchiere, castagnole, zeppole, graffe, acciuleddos: their names sound as exotic as are yummy the delicacies they refer to. In this period every year, the windows of bakeries and pastry shops become alive with their amazing colors.

It is no easy challenge for an ice-cream or yogurt parlor to stand up to all of this, but with a little touch of color you can dress up your frozen desserts for Carnival and make them attractive for your younger clientele as well. Read the article to uncover all our helpful advice on the Carnival-themed garnishes for yogurt and ice cream you can use this February!

February 14, 2022

Ice-Cream Crumble Toppings: A Splash of Color Inspired By Carnival Masks

There’s no Carnival without confetti. So focus on happiness and color if you want to tailor your ice-cream or yogurt parlor’s offer on the theme of the month. The ice-cream crumble toppings in Gelatitalia’s catalog are just what you need to revolutionize the looks of your most traditional milk-based and fruit gelato flavors and make their taste more exuberant.

You can draw inspiration from the traditional Carnival masks and their colors, and even use the name of those characters to name your freshly showcased cabinets of ice cream:

  • The Harlequin flavor is sure to give you the best shot at creativity – you could start from an Elsa complete base, featured by a marked creamy taste, and sprinkle it with a mix of colors given, for instance, by combining a pistachio crumble topping with our new orange-flavored topping;
  • Get inspired by the gluttonous Pulcinella and choose to enrich a white base with the sweet caramelized notes of our hazelnut spread Bonita from the new Gnam! Crock line, added with crunchy caramelized hazelnuts;
  • Hint at the two-toned mask of the Doctor by embellishing your dark chocolate ice cream, made with one of our Tao complete bases (lactose-free bases are available too), with our meringue garnish. As for the base, an ideal choice could be our Tao Sao Tomé, made with a single-origin cocoa quality notable for its hues of apricot and red berries which perfectly match the sweetness of meringue.

Garnishes For Yogurt: Our Selection For Mardi Gras 

Amongst our fruit and crumble ice-cream toppings you can find many idea to fill up with color the cabinets of your artisanal ice-cream or yogurt parlor. If you sell frozen desserts like parfaits or fruit salads as well, our garnishes for yogurt are just what you’re looking for: from fruit to chocolate and crunchy toppings, alongside with rainbow-colored garnishes, you can create all the Carnival-themed flavor combinations you want. You won’t get fritters, but you’ll get something as tasty as them: check out our catalog now and contact us for support and advice.

Have you used Gelatitalia’s products to create new Carnival flavors in your ice-cream or yogurt parlor? Tag @gelatitalia_ita in your Instagram posts and stories! 


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