Original Ice-Cream Garnishes For A Smooth Transition From The Cold To The Hot Season

With spring coming up, ice creams become a scrumptious temptation to freshen up and enjoy the milder climate. In this period of transition to one season to another, ice-cream garnishes play a key role in catching the customers’ attention and delighting their palates with fresh and inviting flavors. Let’s then explore together the most innovative trends in toppings and garnishes, the perfect products to welcome the new season with creativity and taste.

March 8, 2024

Spring Trends: What Do Customers Expect From Your Ice-Cream Parlor?

Spring comes with a renewal of colors and flavors, inspiring new ideas to garnish ice creams in a captivating and delicious way. The usage of fresh, seasonal ingredients, such as strawberries, kiwis or mango, is a common way of creating vibrant toppings that add a note of freshness to ice creams in spring.

And yet, running an ice-cream parlor also means finding solutions that while being no less tasty, provide more durability and allow to standardize the taste of one’s products in comparison to using fresh ingredients. Here is where jell, fluid and crumble decorations come to rescue.

Creative Fluid Toppings For Spring Ice Creams

Ice-cream toppings play a key role in making ice creams irresistible. Colorful, easy to use and very durable, they are the quickest way to secure an original garnish for your artisanal gelato that is always available for you.

This spring, dare experiment with all the combinations unlocked by our arsenal: maybe a strawberry topping with a dark chocolate ice-cream (try out our Tao bases!), or a caramel topping with rich and creamy ice cream flavors like hazelnut, cream or peanut butter. The important thing is to create contrasts of texture and flavor that excite the senses and leave a lasting impression.

Crumbles To Lure Customers Into Trying Seasonal Ice Creams

Crumble toppings, with their crunchy texture and rounded taste, are the ideal addition to enrich your spring ice creams. For a taste experience that will vanquish the hearts of any client, experiment with crumble toppings made with nuts or cookies to add a flavory touch to your frozen desserts.

You can use our nut-based crumble toppings and the other ice-cream garnishes to embellish your cakes and parfaits too: from caramel to wild berries, from lemon to pistachio, in our catalog you’re sure to find the most suitable option for you to create crunchy flavors to celebrate your parlor’s seasonal reopening. An appetizing example? A velvety white chocolate base topped with a Speculoos cookies crumble sprinkled generously for a mouthcoating effect. And remember: all our crumble toppings are gluten free.

Garnishes For Ice Creams With An Artistic Soul

Ice-cream garnishes are the cherry on top for your spring flavors. Opt for light, fruity toppings, such as strawberry or passion fruit, to add a fresh and lively note to your ice creams. Combine them with citrus fruit ice-cream bases for a refreshening effect and play with shapes and designs when garnishing the ice creams in your cabinets and cups: swirls, quick sketches and colorful layers will give your products a fascinating outlook that will encourage your clients to taste them.

In our catalog, you can find a rich variety of fruit and cream garnishes in many traditional and less common flavors: from the deep notes of blackberries and gianduia to the enveloping ones of salted toffee, our products will enable you to play any symphony of taste you have in mind.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting, cherish spring with style and creativity in you ice-cream making lab and let your ice creams speak for themselves: with Gelatitalia’s garnishes and toppings, matched with our ice-cream bases, you will be able to devise a whole new series of creative spring flavors and conquer the hearts and palates of any customer crossing the threshold of your parlor.

One more piece of advice? Have professional photos of your new spring flavors taken and share them on social media: you’ll be reaching even more people and their constant feedback will help you make your offer even better.

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