Our New Gelatitalia LAB Line Developed With Maestro Eugenio Morrone

Curious to know our projects for 2024? We’re rolling out the new year by introducing you to our new Gelatitalia LAB line, made in partnership with one of the most renowned masters of ice-cream making in Italy, Maestro Eugenio Morrone. Read more in our article.

January 25, 2024

How Did We Develop Gelatitalia LAB Line?

Gelatitalia LAB is the latest novelty in our catalog, designed in partnership with Maestro Eugenio Morrone, a renowned professional in our field who, like us, has shaped his whole career in the art of ice-cream making around the principles of genuineness, straightforwardness and seasonality.

The guiding principles of this outstanding chef glacier, owner of the famous Il Cannolo Siciliano bakery and ice-cream parlor in the heart of Rome, first-ranker in the 2022 Hall of Fame Gelato World Ranking, are tantamount to the ones that have always characterized our company and which we will keep on sticking to throughout 2024: our resolution for the new year is to continue using selected raw materials, transferring all their natural goodness into ice creams with a clean, clear label and a definite, intense flavor.

2024 Gelatitalia LAB Line

If you, like us, think that ice-cream making will move more and more towards product quality and genuineness, rewarding those of us who will be able to integrate such principles into lines of products that are unfailingly solid both as ethics and taste are concerned, then you should definitely bet on our 2024 Gelatitalia LAB line: the natural continuation and evolution of a journey we began many years ago when we started our line of ice-cream pastes called I Puri, made by simply toasting selected nuts like Piemonte hazelnuts, Bronte pistachios and Viterbo hazelnuts with no added ingredients. Short labels are our strong suit!

Discover More About Our Line, Live!

During the months of January and February we will be bringing our new line on tour in 12 Italian cities to as many exclusive events. They will take place in the cities of Rimini, Pescara, Bari, Lecce, Naples, Catanzaro, Catania, Rome, Florence, Savona, Milan and Cagliari and we will be joined by Maestro Morrone. An unmissable opportunity for professionals to understand the complex mechanisms that lead to designing each new line in our catalog of semifinished products for ice-cream making. Get in touch with us to discover more about our events!


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