The Science Of Soft Ice-Cream Making: How Does It Differ From Traditional Gelato?

When it comes to ice-cream making, science plays a fundamental role in determining the consistency, taste and quality of the final product. In powder mixes for soft ice-cream making this is particularly evident, as the final outcome is markedly different from traditional ice cream. Let’s find out more about the peculiarities of soft ice cream and the mixes used to make it within ice-cream parlors.

May 15, 2024

The Ingredients Of Mixes For Soft Ice-Cream Making

Mixes for softies are blends of ingredients designed to provide a creamy texture and uniform flavor. Among their key elements we can find emulsifiers which help stabilizing the mix of water and fats while keeping the structure of ice cream stable and preventing it from crystalizing. Stabilizers like guar gum and cellulose gum contribute to maintaining a soft and creamy texture, while flavorings are accurately selected to provide an excellent taste.

Among our mixes for making softies, for instance, you can find many flavored mixes – chocolate-, strawberry- and lemon-flavored mixes alongside with more traditional options like fiordilatte and vanilla that can be employed in a highly flexible way with a whole range of ice-cream toppings.

What Are The Advantages of Soft Ice Cream Compared To Traditional Gelato?

Soft ice cream offers a series of advantages as compared to traditional ice cream. First of all, its consistency is much softer and creamier due to the usage of emulsifiers and stabilizers that make it less cold, therefore gentler on the palate. Moreover, its soft texture allows for a more uniform layout in the ice-cream cone or cup, producing a more consistent and enveloping tasting experience.

Mixes For Softies vs. ‘Standard’ Ice-Cream Bases: Do We Really Need To Choose?

For many ice-cream parlors, it is customary to use both mixes for softies and ice-cream bases. Some parlors indeed opt for using both products so as to meet the needs of a wider target of clients, while others prefer focusing solely on one single variety of ice-cream and specialize on it vertically. The choice ultimately depends on your clientele’s preferences and your commercial objectives. Whereas traditional gelato provides a unique artisanal quality and tasting experience, softies are appreciated for their practicality and uniform consistency.

However, the key to success lies in offering high quality products that can meet the expectations of your customers. Discover the whole range of Gelatitalia mixes for soft ice-cream making and get in touch with us for more information.


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