What Can An Ice-Cream Parlor Sell In Winter?

Many believe that ice-cream parlors altogether shut in winter, which is partly true if you consider that some outlets reduce their opening hours during the coldest months. However, there is a growing trend – influenced, in the last few years, by climate crisis and the ever-rising utility bills of commercial outlets – to opening up to more fluid business models so as to be able to transform outlets season by season morphing them into something that suits the demand of the day. This article is all about creating a summer-through-winter successful ice-cream parlor with some ideas straight out of Gelatitalia’s catalog.

October 12, 2023

Chocolate-Based Products For Ice-Cream Aficionados In Winter

Richer and more rounded flavors are clearly more suitable for the cold season. Those of your customers who can’t give up on ice cream in winter will benefit from a reduction of your ice-cream cabinets and the replacement of fresh and light textures with more velvety consistencies, chocolate flavors under the spotlight.

We’re using the plural, flavors, intentionally, since there is nothing more varied than chocolate: different cacao beans offer completely opposed aromatic profiles, as proven by our selection of bases for chocolate ice cream that span from the vanilla scent of white chocolate to the flowery notes of Dominican beans, and encompass a whole range of slightly to strongly toasted, slightly to strongly acidic profiles. Our Tao bases, made with single-origin cocoa, are also lactose- and dairy-free, therefore safe for all your vegan and intolerant customers.

In addition, if you’re considering venturing into something new, namely offering coffee-shop products in your ice-cream parlor without equipping your outlet with cumbersome or fancy appliances, you can opt for our quality powder mixes for hot cocoa – a quick fix to an oldie but goldie.

Parfaits As An Alternative For Customers Sensitive To The Cold

In the heart of winter, your clients may feel uncomfortable with an ice-cream cone in their hands. Parfaits are a good alternative for those of your customers who are more sensitive to the cold because they are served at a definitely more agreeable temperature; moreover, this dessert is more likely to be eaten by sitting customers, in the cozy, relaxed and warm atmosphere they look forward to during these months.

In order to make your cold desserts, you can rely on our bases for parfaits and mousses: their neutral taste will allow all additional flavors to stand out, while the balance of ingredients in the mixes will give your desserts a light and velvety texture. Our catalog also includes lactose-free options for your intolerant clients, and stabilizers to optimize the consistency of your preparations.

More Ideas For Your Ice-Cream Parlor In Winter

Celebrate Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, as well as Saint Valentine’s Day later on in the winter, with seasonal ice-cream flavors inspired by the ongoing holiday. Or, if you want to provide your customers with products that are less immediately connected with the summertime and let them bypass the mental hurdle of ice cream in winter, tap into our inventory of mixes for the making of milk puddings and custards and customize their flavor with our colorful taste enhancers and toppings.

Alternatively, you can try out our brand new Lebù, a handy, long-life solution to create up to 5 different tiramisu-flavored desserts: the product comes with detailed instructions as to how to use it to make not only traditional and soft ice creams, but also cold creams, parfaits and milk puddings that scrumptiously taste like coffee, mascarpone cheese and ladyfingers so to expand and vary your parlor’s seasonal offer.

Finally, there is one more way to go this winter: strike up collabs with local activities and get involved in themed events such as tasting experiences or ice-cream/hot drinks pairing workshops. That’s an idea that is sure to contribute to the success of your business all through the winter, if properly promoted and advertised.


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