Semi-Finished Baking and Ice-Cream Making Products: Gelatitalia’s New Proposals For 2022

Looking for new ideas for your artisanal ice-cream parlor? Read about all of the new entries in Gelatitalia’s 2022 catalog: from complete bases to garnishes, there’s going to be surprises galore this year!

March 20, 2022

The Altea Base For Parfaits And Mousses

The first news bears the name of one the prettiest towns along the Costa Blanca in Spain, which is known for its white houses leaning onto the side of a hill and overlooking the sea. Along its streets, you can breathe art with each mouthful of air: Altea is indeed a life-throbbing center for painters, musicians and sculptors. We’ve therefore decided to give this name to our new base for parfaits and mousses: airy, velvety and delicate, Altea is ideal to prepare cold and light desserts and emphasize the flavoring, whether fruity or not, you choose to add to them.

One of the benefits of using our Altea base, and one that indeed makes it suitable for different uses, lies in the fact that it can be stored both at negative and positive temperatures (+4°C) without compromising its structure. In addition, it’s gluten-free and GMO-free, as well as devoid of hydrogenated fats, colorants and artificial aromas. As all the other Gelatitalia products, it’s a valuable tool to speed up your prep system without affecting – but rather increasing – the quality of your products.

Two New Milk Ice-Cream Bases

Our family of milk bases for artisanal ice cream has acquired two new special members:

  • Base 40 marks our 40th anniversary as producers of semi-finished baking and ice-cream making products. It carries all the features that have contributed to getting Gelatitalia products in the international spotlight over the years: devoid of aromas, colorants and hydrogenated fats, as well as gluten- and GMO-free, it is also rich in fiber because the mix contains ingredients such as the baobab pulp, that we selected for its peculiar healthy properties (it is indeed rich in vitamin C and B-group vitamins, essential amino acids and iron). Base 40 has a neutral and warm taste; the best way of using it is to pasteurize it at 65°C and measure 200 grams of it out of every liter of your ice-cream mix;
  • Elsa is our other new milk base and it requires a ratio of 100 grams for every liter of ice-cream mix; it can be used both with the cold and the hot method. Its main peculiarity lies in its delicate creamy taste that heightens the velvety sensation that is typical of milk-based ice creams.

Lactose-Free Bases, Or The Triumph of Chocolate

After introducing our first completely lactose-free complete base Elisa last year, we continued to pursue our struggle towards inclusivity by expanding our range of products dedicated to intolerants and to those who have made the choice of following a plant-based diet like vegans. We therefore developed, within our “Tao” line, four new complete bases for chocolate ice cream which are both lactose-free and plant-based. These new products are named after the origin of the cocoa beans they contain:

  1. Tao Santo Domingo, a markedly bitter, and yet flowery and fruity chocolate;
  2. Tao Ecuador, which has a toasted aromatic profile with fruity and acid notes, alongside with scents of rum, whisky and tobacco,
  3. Tao Perù, intensely aromatic, rounded and delicate;
  4. Tao Sao Tomè, probably the most complex in our line, markedly toasted with spikes of fruit and apricot, red berries, citrus fruits and tea.

All of these products can be used with softy machines as well: order them now!

Crunchy & Citrusy Garnishes For Ice Creams

If you enjoy indulging in decorations for your artisanal ice creams, you’re going to love our new proposals for the Gnam! line of professional toppings: two velvety hazelnuts spreads, of which one is enriched with caramelized hazelnuts and the other with tiny wafers and hazelnut crumbs that can add crunchiness and all of the intense aroma of nuts to your artisanal ice creams. The products that belong to the Gnam! Crock line are sold in convenient cartons containing two 5-kilos buckets each.

Among toppings you will also find another new product which tops Gelatitalia’s 2022 offer off: our orange topping, a concentrated composition that retains all the original scent of our outstanding raw materials – you can use it in combination with your fruit- and milk-based ice creams. We recommend you trying it with our new Tao variants: success granted!

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