Elisa Complete Ice-Cream Base: The Future of Ice-Cream Making Is Lactose-Free

Is it possible to create an artisanal ice cream that is suitable for lactose intolerants and has the same taste, texture and palatability of ‘traditional’ ice cream? And what’s more important, is it commercially reasonable to get such a product for your ice-cream parlor? In this article we’re delving into the current situation of the lactose-free market in Italy and explaining how to make your ice-cream parlor more inclusive through the addition of quality lactose-free products such as our Elisa complete base.

April 9, 2021

What Is Lactose Intolerance And How Many People Experience It?

According to AILI, the Italian Association of Lactose Intolerants, lactose intolerance is shared by around 70% of the world population and 50% of the Italians, with percentages that vary significantly on a regional basis. It is indeed quite a remarkable ratio, which can be explained in 9 cases out of 10 with a genetic alteration typical of Caucasians: it is not by chance that the percentage of intolerants plummets dramatically in Asian, African and South American countries. For those who experience this condition, refraining from the consumption of foods containing lactose or reducing their intake drastically is the only available therapy that allows to prevent the most common side-effects: abdominal cramps and bloating, nausea, migraines, diarrhea, fatigue, skin rashes.

Why Choosing Our Lactose-Free Ice-Cream Base

Following a lactose-free diet at home is quite simple: alongside with the naturally lactose-free foods, some dairy products can also be consumed without any issues by lactose intolerants thanks to the refinement or aging processes that deprive such products of their lactose content. For many intolerants, problems arise when they need to eat outside. Desserts are especially risky foods because they often contain milk, butter or other dangerous ingredients. In this sense, an ice-cream parlor is the ‘safest’ place for an intolerant who’s looking for a sweet treat: with the exclusion of a few flavors, like coconut, fruit ice creams are indeed always water-based, therefore lactose-free. What a bummer it is, though, to not be able to savor a nice velvety custard, a sensual milk ice cream or a tasty cookie-flavored ice cream!

This is why Gelatitalia developed the Elisa lactose-free complete base: a product which will allow every ice-cream maker to create fabulous creams to be safely consumed by lactose-intolerant clients too without any losses in flavor. Using this base will indeed let you create the entire range of flavors that you normally offer in your ice-cream parlor without lowering the structural properties of your products. During the whisking phase, you will just have to add the paste, topping or garnish you need to create creamy, perfectly scoopable lactose-free ice creams that don’t fall short of their traditional equivalents. The commercial benefits of providing yourself with such an ice-cream base are undeniable since the Italian consumers’ request for lactose-free product is so high and constantly growing.

How To Use Gelatitalia’s Lactose-Free Ice-Cream Base

Gelatitalia’s base Elisa needs to be added with 2.8 liters of water for every 1.5 kilos of product at a controlled temperature of 85°C. Each box you buy from us includes six 1.5-kilos bags of product. You can use this lactose-free and gluten-free ice-cream complete base together with the other products in Gelatitalia’s catalog. Contact us to get more information or request a custom-made order!


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