Ice Creams For Lactose Intolerants? Here Are Gelatitalia’s New Options

Are you looking for new lactose-free options? With the increasing demand for milk substitutes, Gelatitalia has been striving more and more to offer high quality products that allow to prepare delicious lactose-free artisanal ice creams capable of satisfying the most exigent palates: discover Gelatitalia’s offers for super fresh and original desserts!

July 11, 2023

Ice Creams For Lactose Intolerants Made Easy With The Vegan Base

Let’s (literally) start from bases: Gelatitalia’s new Vegan Base is the ideal option to prepare artisanal lactose-free ice creams: this powder base, added with water only, guarantees a light and compact texture, thus creating a product that is perfect for those among your customers who love the planet and who care about their wellbeing.

Moreover, the Vegan Base is a source of fiber and therefore makes a nutritional and tasty option. Try it out with fresh fruit or pastes made with nuts! Another suitable option for lactose intolerants is our Elisa Base, an easily digestible complete base that can be prepared with the only addition of water just like the Vegan Base.

Complet Lime: A Bold Move For Your Summer

Milk-free ice-cream flavors comprise almost all fruit ice creams (the exceptions, like coconut ice cream, can be counted on the fingers of one hand). This summer, though, why don’t you do something new and add an unusual flavor to your range of vegan ice creams? Gelatitalia’s new offer includes Complet Lime, a complete powder base for lime-flavored ice creams with a fresh, exotic and delicately sour aroma.

This unique flavor will add a fresh and original note to your creation, offering you a bold lactose-free alternative. If you own a café also serving ice creams, you may want to combine this ice cream with cocktails and refreshing drinks, a way for your customers to fight the heat wave and dream of tropical beaches for a while!

Mediterranean Inspirations: The Kalopita Lactose-Free Paste

Speaking of dreamlike destinations, may we tempt you with our Kalopita ice-cream paste? This is a paste inspired by Portokalopita, an orange-flavored Greek dessert that will infuse some Hellenic spirit into your creations. Sweet, yet balanced, the Kalopita Paste is featured by a fresh and scrumptious taste that will win your heat-stricken customers over. Combine it with our Vegan Paste for an exquisite Italian-style or, rather, Mediterranean-style completely lactose-free ice cream!

Beyond Ice Creams: Bases For Lactose-Free Parfaits Making

Once you have fixed your ice-cream parlor’s cabinets, it’s time to take care of your fridge! Gelatitalia Dalia base for parfaits allows you to enrich your offer of takeaway desserts with something capable of meeting the needs of all your customers: lactose-free, light and velvety, Dalia is a base allowing the aromas in your desserts to stand out and be fully appreciated. Its neutral taste allows the natural taste of your ingredients to stand out, unlocking an extraordinary taste experience.

Lactose-Free Semifinished Products For Artisanal Ice-Cream Parlors: discover more!

Have you enjoyed our proposals for your ice-cream parlor? Discover more about our summer 2023 offer by taking a look at our online catalog or contact us to get support: by choosing Gelatitalia, you will be able to grant your customers a variety of high quality milk-free ice-cream flavors, delicious and free of any unpleasant ‘side effects’. Enlarge your offer and reach a wider audience, including lactose intolerants, with us!


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