Vegan Ice Creams: Sustainable & Inclusive

In the majority of situations, choosing to follow a vegan diet means striving to be a on a more ethical nutritional path. Such a noble intent, though, sometimes clashes with the resistance of certain sectors that are less inclined to renovate their offer and meet these needs.

The worries underlying this reticence are multiple: alongside with a generic fear of tampering with the symbols of one’s tradition, there is also that of not being able to get a final product with may not stand up to the flavor and nutritional value of the ‘standard’ version. This article aims at addressing some of these fears and showing how vegan ice creams are a viable and even beneficial asset for ice-cream makers.

June 14, 2023

Does Vegan Ice Cream Make You Fat?

There is this old urban legend going on according to which vegan ice cream would be more likely to make people fat – but is that really so? This myth probably stems from the habit of associating vegan ice cream with the products that can be purchased from mass retailers, which are made with low-quality ingredients or are rich in hydrogenated fats.

Conversely, if we keep artisanal ice-cream parlors in mind, the care they pour into vegan ice-cream making is the same they employ for traditional milk-based ice creams: whether one starts from scratch or employs powder mixes to be later added with fresh fruit, pastes or other ingredients, the two ice-cream making processes are no different in terms of the quality of the raw ingredients, and the effort made to achieve the right texture and palatability is identical.

Either vegan or not, ice creams are surely a food that needs to be consumed with moderation, but if one had to make a comparison, then the lack of milk and eggs would basically make the calorie count of plant-based ice creams lower than that of ice creams containing animal-based ingredients.

Vegan Ice-Cream Bases: How To Recognize Them?

When it comes to vegan ice-cream bases, there are two main categories of products: the former comprises those mixes that can be used with the only addition of water, such as our Vegan complete base or the products in our TAO line. These bases are used to make most fruit-based ice creams alongside with some other traditional flavors. The latter class of products has been developed over time to provide one more valuable substitute for milk-based mixes, and it includes soy ice-cream bases.

Both types of bases generally have quite a neutral taste that can be personalized through the employment of pastes or fruit so as to recreate the whole range of flavors of traditional ice cream, as well as its structure and texture. Soy allows to reproduce the texture of traditional artisanal ice cream perfectly; on the other hand, though, it can pose dangers for allergic people.

Pros of Vegan Ice-Cream Bases

Neither the quality nor flavor of vegan ice cream therefore have anything less than traditional ice cream, given that you resort to reliable suppliers who can give provide you with high quality, versatile solutions – as, for instance, our high-fiber bases which include Salus Frutta, a base for making low-sugar, high digestibility vegan ice cream.

Thanks to this class of products, you will be enabled to make artisanal ice creams that are as qualitative as ever, but are also more inclusive and respectful of your clients’ health. Considering that some of our products, such as Friofrutta 50, can also be processed with the cold method, thus positively impacting your parlor’s energy consumption, it becomes even clearer how adding vegan ice-cream bases to your chef glacier’s tools of the trade can only be a winning choice.

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