How To Use Shortcrust Pastry Mixes For Your Patisseries

Shortcrust pastry is one of the most common, yet most complex bases used by bakers. Every now and then, you must have happened to buy yourself a tart or cake, sink your teeth into it or slice it and see it crumble down into an avalanche of pieces.

Even a tiny mistake can indeed jeopardize the texture of shortcrust pastry and turn the hopeful faces of your customers into very disappointed ones. Shortcrust pastry powder mixes help you achieve the perfect result and keep it the same over time, all the while saving extra time for you to unleash your creativity. Read through this month’s column to discover more.

November 16, 2022

Why Is It So Hard To Make A Good Shortcrust Pastry?

The basic ingredients of fresh shortcrust pastry are eggs, butter, sugar and flour. There also exist egg-free variants and versions where butter is replaced with vegetable oil. Some bakers also like to experiment with flour and flavorings, the most common among the latter being cocoa, which naturally provides shortcrust pastry with a distinctive color, smell and taste; the tricky thing here is to avoid putting too much of it in the mix, getting too bitter notes that it’s hard to compensate except by recurring to rather sweet fillings for your pastry.

In addition to this, depending on the processing method you employ you can get different degrees of softness and dustiness for your pastry. All the same, the process is never short, considering that you necessarily need to allow some time for the pastry dough to set. Moreover, working with such a small amount of ingredients, you have to select them carefully to get a qualitative shortcrust pastry.

What’s The Difference Between Shortcrust Pastry Mixes & Fresh Shortcrust Pastry?

In a shortcrust pastry mix, all the ingredients are carefully balanced out and mixed so to ensure perfect final texture, crumbliness and sweetness. Gelatitalia’s mixes come with an exclusive recipe to guide you through the preparation process: the only extra ingredients you will need are butter, water and eggs. In our catalog you will also find a gluten-free shortcrust pastry mix to help you meet the needs of a wider customer base.

Using mixes is simpler and quicker and it helps you reproduce your cakes and pastries with the exact same features and quality over time. Our shortcrust pastry mixes employ top-notch raw ingredients that we process in a way that keeps all their sensory attributes perfectly intact and extends their shelf-life. Each Gelatitalia box contains 6 envelops with an expiration date that is due at least 12 months from the moment you receive your parcel.

How To Use Shortcrust Pastry For Your Cakes & Patisseries

Stocking up on shortcrust pastry mixes can be a way for you to start expanding and outbranching your business without taking too many risks. Less time to dedicate to baking means more time to commit yourself to creativity. Using shortcrust pastry you can create a great deal of desserts ranging from plain cookies and traditional desserts to more alternative products.

Are you straining at the leash to get started? Take a look at our catalog and contact us to get more info about the products you wish to order for your shop.


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