Mixes for Parfaits: The Hack For Velvety & Soft Desserts

Soft, sweet, refreshening and velvety on the palate: parfaits are a treat for your mouth, but in order to really make them by the book you need to stick to a complex, challenging routine where any tiny mistake can jeopardize the final outcome completely. With a powder mix for parfaits, though, you can make your parfaits shiny, perfect in texture and in sweetness alike effortlessly. How do they work? And are they enough to meet the expectations of your customers? Read the article to know more!

October 20, 2022

How Is Making a Parfait Difficult?

Although they look quite plain, parfaits are actually really tricky to prepare. While they share many features with ice creams, they are much more delicate: these frozen mixes made with cream with whipped cream, Italian meringue or paté à bombe, also contain sugar, its most important ingredient, which determines the freezing point of the water contained in the mix.

Since making a parfait implies several consecutive processes with remarkable temperature leaps, not only is it hard to find the correct balance of ingredients, but also to use them at the right temperature so to keep the mix stable. Something you also need to consider is the temperature of the lab you work in, which should be ideally between +12°C and +18°C.

Why Use A Powder Mix For Parfaits

Mixes like the ones you can find in our line of powder bases for parfaits, frozen desserts and mousses allow you to cut some corners in their preparation process. Altea is, for instance, a mix balanced to reduce mistakes which enables you to replicate your frozen desserts identically, customer after customer, day in day out. It is also a mix that can be used flexibly, working both with a negative or a positive temperature; it’s also gluten- and OGM-free, neutral and can be flavored as you like.

How To Customize Your Parfaits: Pastes & Glazes

Did you know you can flavor your parfaits using one of the pastes that are in Gelatitalia’s catalog? Alongside with fruit pastes, in it you will also find scrumptious pastes with original flavors such as cassata, cookie and cocoa flavors, as well as the ones comprised in the “I Puri” line made with DOP/IGP-certified Italian nuts. In addition, you can choose our pre-made glazes for mirror-like, tempting cakes; they’re all gluten-free and easy to make in just a few steps.

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