Is A Healthier Ice Cream Likely?

As every year in this same period, the Internet is flooded by articles about ice-cream diet plans that allegedly promise those who choose it to lose several pounds in quite a short time by simply replacing one of their daily meals with this tasty food. Is it likely, though? We’re going to talk about it in this article, where we’ll be presenting you Gelatitalia’s offers to make your ice-cream parlor realistically sensitive to the needs of people who want to stay in shape.

June 14, 2022

Do Low-Calorie Ice Creams Exist?

Let’s begin by making a fundamental statement, that is: planning diets solely falls within the purview of specifically trained professionals, like nutritionists and dieticians. This said, and given a person’s normally healthy lifestyle, we can say that, generally speaking, replacing a meal with ice cream could be acceptable from time to time: basically, ice cream can be considered a complete meal, as it is made up of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

There is, though, quite a big difference between industrial and artisanal ice creams. The latter indeed offers an incredible benefit when it comes to being more attentive about your eating habits, as you can see from its definitely shorter list of ingredients. Which is, by itself, not a guarantee of a healthy ice cream. This definition itself is in fact incorrect, because it’s unconceivable to ever have an absolutely healthy ice cream: components like sugars and fats that do harm to your waistline are essential for any well structured ice cream.

No-Added Sugar Ice-Cream Mixes: A Healthy (And Realistic) Alternative

Nevertheless, you can look for ice creams (that is, offer them to your clientele) made from no-added sugar ice-cream bases. We’re talking for instance about Gelatitalia’s Salus line of milk bases, which have a limited sugar content and are high in fiber, a combination that endows them with better digestibility and go hand in hand with the lack of emulsifiers and thickeners. The usage of vegetable fibers indeed allows to achieve a degree of creaminess and spreadability which is normally only attained through the employment of additives. The Salus complete base is even available in two different variants, a milk base and a fruit base, therefore meeting the needs of a most varied clientele that comprises lactose intolerants, allergic people and vegans.

Not only does the choice of specific vegetable fibers, such as the baobab pulp in our Base 40, improve the structure of ice creams, but it also grants added nutritional values: it indeed helps reduce cholesterol and glycemia, other than increasing the absorption of lipids. All of this makes a much more effective selling point for your ice-cream parlor than the trite “zero-calorie” lie. Eating an artisanal ice cream with such qualities as the ones we’ve outlined won’t be like eating a salad, but it will be surely allow your clients to savor the moment with the serenity it deserves when experienced, once in a while, within the purview of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

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