High-Fiber Complete Bases

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
base 40 A007641 65° 200g bag 1,5kg 6 bags
Salus fruit base A006962 65° complete bag 1,2kg 6 bags
Salus milk base A006961 85° complete bag 1,5kg 6 bags


Discover all the power of natural plant fibers as ingredients that can make your artisanal ice creams creamier, steadier and more spreadable through Gelatitalia’s selection of high-fiber ice-cream bases: they allow you to cut down the quantity of emulsifiers and thickeners as well as to reduce the average percentage of sugars needed in your ice creams, thus getting a product that can suit a much wider audience. In our catalog you will find Base 40, which contains baobab pulp, recognized for its beneficial properties, and the Salus Base, available both as a milk-based and fruit-based mix, characterized by a reduced sugar content in comparison to traditional ice creams (about 30% less!).


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