Signature Artisanal Chocolate Ice Creams: The Bases To Go For

When you think about the best summer holidays of your childhood years, you cannot help but picture yourself holding a crunchy wafer overflowing with the richest chocolate ice cream ever. A flavor that’s dear to many, that almost nobody could ever renounce on and that any artisanal ice-cream maker is compelled to celebrate in order to conquer the hearts of customers and have them return to his or her parlor again and again. So let’s see how you can achieve such a mesmerizing artisanal chocolate ice cream, the winning visiting card for your parlor.

April 13, 2022

What Makes a Chocolate Ice Cream Real Good?

As usual, the starting point is ingredients: when it comes to making chocolate ice cream, this first of all refers to the quality of cocoa. Not all kinds of cocoa are indeed the same. When selecting the raw materials for your artisanal chocolate ice cream, you ought to favor products that contain high percentages of single-origin cocoa, that is to say beans of a single variety and, if possible, harvested in the same area. This guarantees distinctive organoleptic qualities to your final product which are given by a precise combination of soil, orientation and the techniques used for the processing of cocoa beans – the terroir, as they say it in lingo.

Alongside with the quality of ingredients, their correct balance makes a lot of difference in getting a creamy as well as airy product that has both the right freezing temperature and degree of spreadability. Paradoxically, the perfect chocolate ice cream leaves your mouth bitter and clean: this is given by the fact that the fat content, if correctly measured out, dissolves as soon as it comes in contact with your tongue.

How To Make A Good Dark Chocolate Artisanal Ice Cream Using Bases

Using an ice-cream base is a possible way of making great chocolate ice creams. Additionally, a base allows you to get a far better level of reproducibility and homogeneity in production than the one you would attain by starting every time from scratch. If the bases you use have a good balance, like Gelatitalia’s bases for chocolate ice cream, you will also be able to enjoy an ideal texture in your final product.

Gelatitalia’s range is made up of mixes with single-origin cocoa coming from 4 selected countries among the best producers around the world: each of Tao Santo Domingo, Tao Ecuador, Tao Perù and Tao Sao Tomè bases are characterized by a unique profile of aromas ranging from toasted to sour notes, allowing very different pairings: a chance your customers will really relish, finding themselves able to experiment with taste as much as you do. Among our options, you will also find a base for pink chocolate ice cream made with Ruby chocolate beans and featured by particularly fruity scents.

Interested in Gelatitalia’s Tao Line of chocolate ice-cream bases? Contact us to discover more or make an order for your artisanal parlor!


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