Powder Mixes For Custards and Creams For Your Customers’ Sweet Tooth

Although apparently simple, given they require the usage of many fresh ingredients, controlled temperatures and outstanding fine motor skills, milk custards and creams are indeed very tricky to make. All the same, with a powder mix for custards you can get truly tasty desserts in a simple, yet safe way. You will only need to rely on the right supplier: let us then introduce you to our most peculiar range of products!

October 5, 2021

How Are Gelatitalia Powder Mixes For Custards Convenient?

The very first question should be: who can use them? Well, any professional in this area can resort to them, but undoubtedly our complete mixes for milk custards and creams are a particularly helpful asset for those who work in the catering services and have to tackle problems like tiny working areas, basic kitchen instruments or not being so skilled at baking.

In conclusion, we’re talking about all of those instances where a dessert could be a nice-to-have addition to one’s menu, but you don’t have properly trained staff or adequate environments for an in-house production: in such cases, our products become a precious resource because they allow you to save both time and energy while letting you expand your commercial offer.

What Can You Do With Our Professional Powder Puddings & Custards?

By relying on more than 30 years of experience in making professional semi-finished supplies for catering services, as well as on the employment of tracked Italy-sourced raw materials, we can guarantee a final outcome, namely a dessert, with a perfectly balanced taste and structure, just as good as any fresh product and that can indeed be stored for a longer time and reproduced identically day in day out.

Getting rid of all those adventitious factors that contribute to making a product, as good as it may be, possibly very different one day from the other, Gelatitalia mixes will allow you to keep their taste and quality uniform over time, and retain new customers as well as the old ones.

In the meantime, our powder mixes are far from being a restriction for the chef’s creativity: while these mixes for puddings and custards can always be used as they are with no addition whatsoever, you can also personalize them as you see fit.

For instance, our powder mixes for puddings, available in two classic vanilla and cocoa variants, may be garnished with chopped nuts, syrups or scrumptious cookie crumbles, hence creating brand new desserts. In our catalog you will find several options to enhance the flavor and decorate the surface of your milk custards and creams by the book.

How To Use Gelatitalia Professional Powder Mixes For Milk Custards & Creams

Using Gelatitalia mixes is a piece of cake: you can get perfect puddings, crème caramels and panna cottas by just mixing our product with milk (or milk and cream in the case of panna cotta) and letting the mix simmer for a few minutes. In order to make it thicken you will only need a short while, therefore you can use them right in the moment you need them with no significant waste of time.

The products you order will be handed over to you together with a detailed recipe so to make you totally independent when creating your milk custards and creams and help you reproduce them identically over time. All the pre-made mixes in our line are born gluten-free: be sure to handle them with dedicated utensils and instruments so as to avoid contaminations and make your desserts suitable for coeliac customers too.

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