Stock Up On Mixes For Crepes For The Upcoming Fall

What are the desserts that customers always expect to find in a coffee shop’s or bakery’s menu? And how can you prepare them as quickly and easily as possible, while also complying with a zero-waste policy? In this article we’re going to focus on professional powder mixes for crepes, one of the must-haves for the upcoming cold season.

September 7, 2021

Why Choosing a Powder Mix Over On-The-Spot Made Crepes?

Imagine an ordinary fall or winter afternoon. The customers of your coffee shop or bakery seek refuge from the rain inside your outlet, stove their dripping umbrellas somewhere safe, heave a sigh of relief for the cozy warmth they find inside and grab the menu from the table right away to spot the hot, revitalizing drink that can be made in the quickest way possible. A tea, perhaps, or maybe a hot cocoa and even a quick and tasty grilled dessert.

An order comes: chocolate crepes, a classic. In the meantime, the shop is packed and orders keep on piling up. To make crepes from scratch you need at least 20 minutes: first you break the eggs and add milk, then sieve the flour, remove all the clots and put in the fridge to rest, therefore you oil the broiler and start grilling the batter, one crepe at a time; eventually you add the filling and decorations. Sure thing you can cut on preparation time by making the batter in advance, but you’d be all the same taking precious time away from other preparations – possibly even the ones that are most frequently ordered in your coffee shop or bakery.

And what about ingredients, in particular the fresh ones, such as eggs? Can you afford having them available all the time? The concept of powder mixes for crepes is indeed life-changing because you can use a limited amount of product based on your needs and most of all cut on preparation time. The moment the order is made, you know you will need just a few minutes to prepare the dessert your clients want and bring it to their table with a smile on your face: just the time to oil and heat up the broiler, pour the batter on it and wait until it browns.

Gelatitalia’s Mixes For Crepes: How To Use & Store Them

The first thing we’re usually asked is how long you can store Gelatitalia’s mixes for crepes. Since they’re powdered products, their shelf life is quite long (12 months) and prevents you from having to restock frequently; in fact, you can make supplies that cover your shop’s needs for several months. What’s more, each box contains 10 packages that allow for a thrifty usage of products.

To use our professional mixes for crepes you will just need to mix 500 grams of product preferably with a liter of milk or, alternatively, water. The batter thus made can be used both for savory and sweet preparations, since the mix doesn’t contain any sugar: by devising your menu thoroughly, you may manage to offer a wide range of different options using just a few quality, seasonal ingredients. In our catalog, you will find several different mixes for crepes: alongside with a neutral base, strawberry-, pistachio- and vanilla-flavored mixes are also available, as well as a special gluten-free mix for crepes to involve in this sensory experience your clients with celiac disease or gluten intolerance (obviously, you will need to make their preparations with dedicated kitchen tools).

Discover all our products and ask us a quote for your shop: you can rely on our 30+ years’ experience in making semi-finished goods for the hospitality industry according to the principles of innovation and the quality of raw materials.


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