Gelatitalia Mixes For Slushes For An Instant Sicilian Vibe

Too cold, too melted, too tasteless: the clients’ feedbacks on what slushes should taste like are often cut-and-dried ones, but it’s undeniable that the quality of the slushes served in most coffee shops and ice-cream parlors is actually below expectations.

As a result of this, consumers get disappointed and slush machines remain unused, engendering only expenses for the business owner. How to solve the problem? In the only way possible: by relying on first-rate mixes for slushes, made with selected ingredients and easy to use so as to avoid any glitches in the workflow, especially at the most hectic moments of the day. Speaking of which, let’s discover the reasons why to choose Gelatitalia’s mixes for slushie makers and how to use them.

July 8, 2021

Gelatitalia Mixes For Slushies: Range & Features

Gelatitalia’s range of mixes for slushie makers stems from the desire of providing caterers with complete, balanced products that can be processed with all the professional machines used in coffee houses, bakeries and other food & beverage outlets.

Alongside with our entry line, which comprises all the classic slushie flavors such as strawberry, mint and orange, as well as less ordinary ones like black cherry, mango and watermelon, we devised an exclusive line of mixes to prepare Sicilian slushes by the book: this range of flavors – citron, wild strawberry, lemon, lemon and ginger, almond and coffee special – comes from a selection of prime raw materials that can return the consumer with all the typical scents of Sicily. You’ll just have to mix our products with water to get a full-bodied, creamy drink and carry your customers onto the streets of an open-air market in Taormina with each sip of your slushes.

At the same time we offer you the chance of voicing your own creativity by using our mix for neutral slushes in combination with Gelatitalia’s slushie syrups. The benefit of this solution lies in avoiding to keep the slushie maker busy with a specific type of slush and offering your clients a broader range of choices without having to keep them waiting too long. You’ll also be able to prevent contaminations in case your machine hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly, allowing you to provide your customers with a product which is not just tasty, but also reliable and safe.

Why Choosing Gelatitalia’s Range of Slushes

All of Gelatitalia’s mixes for slushie makers come with detailed instructions so as to support unexperienced restaurant owners and bartenders as well. Powdered products such as these can be preserved for a long time provided they are stored in a fresh and dry place. The only other ingredient you’ll need to use them in your outlet is water: they therefore do not engender any kind of problem in terms of finding raw materials, inventorying them and stocking them up.

Alongside with being naturally lactose-free, our mixes for slushes are also gluten-free since they are made inside special plants that guarantee the lack of any contaminations whatsoever. Give space to your creativity by proposing them not just as pre-made desserts, but also using them in other dishes: together with croissants and baked goods to recreate the ultimate Sicilian breakfast, in cocktails, as a garnish for gourmet fish-based summer dishes and so forth.

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