Salus Complete Bases: Less Sugar For A Sweeter Summer

The queue outside your ice-cream parlor is getting longer with every passing week and your cabinets seem to become empty at the speed of light, but you’re all the same looking for a way of luring in an even wider audience? Embed the Salus Line complete bases with no added sugars into your artisanal production line: they are a precious tool for your business because they allow you to make healthier ice creams, suitable for everyone, with the same creaminess and taste as traditional ice creams. Read more about them in this article!

May 10, 2021

Is There A Place For Ice Cream In Our Diet?

Summer’s getting close and somebody’s already started to sound the alarm: beware, moms and dads, the huge amount of ice creams your kids will be eating, the risk for them to become overweight is just around the corner! Advisable as it may be to limit the excessive intake of sugar in your diet, you should also keep such fears at bay and assess the actual role some “bad” eating habits play in our diet, including that of children; provided you have an active lifestyle and follow a globally balanced diet all week round, turning a blind eye from time to time is not the end of the world.

Moreover, introducing sugars in your body before physical activity (which hopefully nobody will be lacking this summer!) helps enhancing your sport performance.

How To Make A Low-Sugar Artisanal Ice Cream

As an ice-cream parlor owner, you can nevertheless ward off your clients’ worries by equipping yourself with products for the preparation of artisanal ice creams with a low sugar content. For instance Gelatitalia’s Salus Line, an assortment of complete ice-cream bases with no added sugars: they indeed bring at least 30% sugars less than traditional ice creams and have a high fiber content. The Salus Line comes in two versions: a milk base and a fruit base, the latter devoid of lactose and therefore capable of meeting the needs of your lactose-intolerant customers as well.

Salus Line Complete Bases: How To Use Them

The Salus Line complete milk bases can be matched with the “I Puri” ice-cream pastes from Gelatitalia’s catalog with no need of adding sugars; in proportion, you’ll need to mix 2.4 liters of milk for each kilo and a half of product (corresponding to one of the six bags you’ll find in our boxes). On the other hand, as far as the Salus fruit base is concerned, the base/water ratio will be 1:1: for each 1.2-kilograms bag of product you’ll have to add the same amount of water; the base thus created can be then added with fresh or frozen fruit to get refreshing fruit ice creams.


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