Ice-Cream Bases: Our Top 3 Picks

When it comes to selecting ice-cream bases for your parlor, there are many aspects that you need to take into consideration – only by knowing the taste of your customers perfectly can you get the best return on your investment, avoid waste and optimize production processes, as well as build customer loyalty.

The richer and more varied your possibilities are, as in the case of Gelatitalia’s catalog, the harder it is to choose your powder mix for ice-cream making. In this article we’re revealing what our top 3 picks are as far as quality and versatility of ice-cream bases are concerned – find out which products in our catalog you should go for to cover as many taste and nutritional needs as possible!

April 12, 2023

1.    Naturalat, The Fundamental Ice-Cream Base

Let’s start from a product that no ice-cream maker can live without: a milk-based ice-cream mix. Naturalat is our aroma-free base employable for the making of any flavor in your ice-cream cabinets – it is rich in powdered skimmed milk, which allows you to obtain a velvety and rounded texture that doesn’t feel too icy on the palate. Available for 100g and 150g dosages, it doesn’t contain vegetable fats and it is indeed one of Gelatitalia’s most widely loved bases due to its flexibility and old-fashioned creamy consistency.

2.    Friofrutta, The Benchmark for Fruit Ice-Cream Bases

The employment of high quality bases in artisanal ice-cream making is also of paramount importance when it comes to fruit ice creams. The perfect base enables you to enhance all the natural flavor of the raw materials and other ingredients you combine it with, such as fresh or frozen fruit and ice-cream pastes. One such base is Friofrutta, a delicately flavored ice-cream base that can be used with the cold processing technique by adding a liter of water every 50 grams of product.

Since it doesn’t require any milk, but water only, it is suitable for lactose-intolerant and vegan clients. It is also gluten-free, therefore safe for customers who suffer from celiac disease, provided that you comply with HACCP regulations and avoid contaminations in your parlor.

3.    Elisa, Our Trademark Lactose-Free Ice-Cream Base

There are many people around the world now who have been tested intolerant to lactose at various degrees. This is reason enough to get a lactose-free powder mix for ice-cream making in your parlor – a step towards inclusivity, to empowering all your lactose-intolerant customers to enjoy a good old hearty ice cream just like anybody else. Our Elisa complete base stems from our specific design of offering high-digestibility ice creams that are at the same time as rich and velvety as traditional creams.

To use this base, you will just have to add 2.6-2.8 liters of water every 1.5 kg of powder mix. You will then be able to experiment with your ice cream combining the base with any of our products to create a wide variety of flavors. Once again, a versatile and inclusive choice for top notch ice-cream parlors.

Already tried out one or all of our Top 3 Picks? Let us know what are the Gelatitalia products you can’t do without anymore!


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