Gelatitalia News: What We Showcased at Sigep 2023

Were you unable to pay us a visit at Sigep 2023? In this article we’re summing up what we showcased at our 480 square meters wide booth at the benchmark event for all the producers of powder products for ice-cream parlors in Italy and abroad. Keep reading to discover more!

February 16, 2023

Our Gluten- & Lactose-Free Ice-Cream & Parfait Bases For Inclusive Businesses

Ice-cream bases have always been our strong suit, so why not start from here to present you our 2023 catalog? In the last few years, we have been striving more and more to create inclusive products: for the year 2023 we’re confirming this intention by introducing a new 100% vegan and gluten-free ice-cream base, the Vegan base – you can use it with the only addition of water, it’s free of colorants, hydrogenated fats and palm oil, and its final outcome will be a smooth, soft ice cream with a texture that is very close to that of milk-based products.

If you’re looking for inspirations on the side of parfaits, Dalia is a neutral base for parfaits that you can mix with lactose-free milk to get perfect lactose-free desserts highlighting their aromas. This product is also suitable for your clients with a celiac disease, since it is completely gluten-free.

Traditional Italian Tastes, Delicacies & Exotic Inspos

ISI is another ice-cream complete base from our new catalog – as the name says, it’s very easy to use because it can be processed using the cold method, which can also be way of cutting your energy expenses. If you’re looking for a creative option, though, this year you will have two more complete products to choose from: they are Complet Mou, a toffee-flavored complete base, and Complet Yogurt, featured by the typical sour notes of yogurt, which only needs the addition of milk.

Alongside with them, we also offer you Cioco Crema Extra, a velvety, aromatic new product that will drive chocolate lovers crazy, as well as a special product inspired by the typical Florentine rice cake: Floriso can be used with the only addition of water and it allows to get a light and rough texture which mimics all the features of the dessert it is inspired by, made with eggs, rice, and shortcrust pastry. As we approach the summertime, we also suggest you try our new Complet Lime base, an option for exotic, fresh, sour ice creams suitable for hotter times.

Gelatitalia’s New Ice-Cream Garnishes & Pastes

If you’re working with neutral bases, you can opt for one of our ice-cream garnishes to flavor it. Our catalog has now been expanded with a new trifle flavor: it will give a bright red color and an intensely sweet taste to your ice cream, enriching it with notes of alchermes, vanilla, lemon and a crumble of savoiardi cookies. Another viable option to garnish your neutral bases is our Kalopita Paste, which taps into the Mediterranean tradition and more specifically into the Greek one: it is inspired by Portokalopita, its sweet taste and smell of oranges.

In case you’re looking for a more rounded taste, go for our gluten-free Paciugotti in their biscotto (cookie) flavor – it tastes like gianduia chocolate and it contains gluten-free crunchy cookies. Our Gnam! line also comprises three new spreadable creams: Crock Limone – lemon-flavored, with a cookie crumble -, Crock Salè – a chocolate cream with a hazelnut crumble -, and Crock Cochita, made with milk chocolate and coconut flakes.

Powder Mixes For Desserts

Never forget that ice-creams bases are not everything our catalog boils down to: we also offer you a wide array of must-have powder products to make tasty crêpes and waffles in just a few steps and the only addition of water – they are also available in a gluten-free version. Contact us to discover what products can best fit within your business!

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