Gelatitalia’s Choice of Gluten-Free Cake Mixes

You may not be specialized in gluten-free baking, but still be willing to offer your celiac clients something suitable and tasty for them, as well as possibly easy and quick for you to prepare at your coffee shop or bakery. Gelatitalia’s powder mixes for gluten-free cakes are the ace up your sleeve: a way of meeting your clientele’s needs with quality products and making your shop even more inclusive than before. Read more to find out what gluten-free products you can get from Gelatitalia!

September 22, 2022

How Do We Manage To Make Completely Gluten-Free Cake Mixes?

Your celiac customers need something more than just empty promises, they need the certainty of eating safely. So how do we make that happen? Are Gelatitalia’s products safe for celiacs? They are indeed: anything marked by the crossed wheat spike (the international label for gluten-free products) is thoroughly suitable for people with the celiac disease. We are able to guarantee this because we make and package all of these mixes in separated areas at our premises, so as to prevent any contamination whatsoever. All you are required to do once you’ve received the products is to follow these same precautions when you store them in your pantry.

Gelatitalia’s Gluten-Free Cake Mixes

Aside from our gluten-free ice-cream bases, of which you can find plenty in our catalog, we would like to focus here on the powder mixes you can use to make complete desserts in just a few steps. These powder mixes can be stored in a pantry for a very long time without any loss of flavor or aroma; they are therefore ideal for all of those situations where gluten-free requests are made sporadically. Among our ice-cream parlor mixes you will find ready-made mixes for parfaits and airy and velvety mousses, while our offer for bakeries comprises ready-made gluten-free mixes for meringues and shortcrust pastry.

You can use these mixes together with one of our instant creams, which also come in a gluten-free version and allow you to make soft and velvety creams to fill and garnish your cakes. Catalan cream, crème pat, tiramisu-flavored cream and much more: check out our catalog and find out more about our range of gluten-free instant creams. Once the news have spread of how good, meaning as-much-as-a-traditional-cake good, your gluten-free cakes are, the line outside your shop will be endless!

100% Inclusive Good Ol’ Classics: Our Gluten-Free Crepes Mixes

If gluten-free alternatives aren’t so much of a focus for the clients of your coffee shop or bakery, the smartest move you can make is to get ready for any such rare requests by stocking up on powder mixes that can be used last-minute, with just a few minutes’ preparation and cooking, and yet can make your celiac customers feel welcome and gratified. Our catalog has an answer to such needs as well! We’re talking about our gluten-free crepe mixes: crepes are a dessert that never gets old, especially if it can be tasted by literally everyone. Our gluten-free crepe mixes come in 0.5 kg packages containing 10 bags each, each of which can be easily sealed again, once open, to reduce waste.

Contact us if you need help to make your first steps in the gluten-free world: we’ll be glad to help you choose what’s best for your business.


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