Selecting Ingredients For Your Ice-Cream Parlor

When it comes to artisanal ice cream, you’d be tempted to think it can’t possibly add up with the usage of semifinished goods and ingredients. Truth is these products allow you to offer your customers just as qualitative an ice cream as you wish, provided they are made with fresh and genuine raw ingredients (you can look up more information about this in this article we wrote about the history of ice cream). It’s basically up to ice-cream makers to choose their bases and ingredients for artisanal ice-cream making with caution. Continue reading to find out more about this.

May 19, 2022

Ingredients For Ice-Cream Making: What Should You Consider?

The ingredients used by ice-cream makers can be divided into three main groups: milk and dairy products, sugars and sweeteners, and more protein and fat components like egg yolk and whites, alongside with the fresh fruit- and nut-based mixes used for creating different ice-cream flavors. Each of these components should be picked on the base of quality criteria and at the same time meet the consumer’s taste. As far as Gelatitalia are concerned, this first and foremost means for us to follow the principles of environmental and social sustainability through the selection of trusted, quality producers that we can thoroughly track and check.

This also applies to the raw materials used for garnishes and toppings, made with premium quality fresh fruit and nuts. With regard to powdered products, an example comes from Tao, our line of complete bases made with selected single-origin cocoa beans with distinctive aromatic profiles. In the last few years, we have also made the giant step of replacing most of our hydrogenated fats with refined oils and remove from some of our products vegetable oils and additives altogether. In addition, our line has evolved in order to grant final consumers additional benefits, such as a better digestibility, thanks to the employment of vegetable fibers and lactose-free milk which do not affect the spreadability and creaminess of ice creams at all.

Why Balance Is So Important In Powder Mixes

Ice cream is intrinsically a complex food, being made up of several different nutrients – proteins, sugars, solid fats and water -, each one of them playing its own specific role within the ice-cream mix. One of the factors that you should consider when choosing ice-cream ingredients, especially complete bases or pastes, is therefore the balance of those components.

An incorrect balance of milk, cream, sugar and other elements may engender preservation issues with your ice cream. Gelatitalia have always strived to keep such issues at bay when processing raw materials: this allows us to offer our clients the most suitable tools to make ice creams with just the right creaminess and texture and thoroughly control each stage of the production system so as to also ensure a precise, competent customer service.

Gelatitalia’s complete powder mixes are pre-balanced and perfectly stabilized thanks to plant-sourced thickeners and emulsifiers such as guar gum and carob. Discover them in our catalog and get in touch with us to get more info!


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