Gelatitalia Mixes For Sorbets, For A Summer of Experimentation

No coffee house worthy of its name can do without sorbets, especially in summertime. Is it possible, though, to make really good sorbets using a slush machine or do you need to always have fresh ingredients ready at hand just in case someone’s going to order a sorbet? How to avoid waste? In this article we’re going to explain to you how to solve all of these issues thanks to Gelatitalia’s powdered mixes for sorbets and how to use them creatively on your premises.

June 8, 2021

How To Use Gelatitalia Mixes For Sorbets

Mixes for slush machines are powdered mixes that need to be added with predetermined amounts of liquids in order to make sorbets with a fluid and full-bodied texture. Gelatitalia’s line provides them in three versions: lemon-flavored and coffee-flavored sorbets and a cold coffee cream (the Supermix Caffè). While the former two are added with plain water, the Supermix Caffè is mixed with whole milk and fresh cream. You can hence obtain two very different classes of products: on the one hand, a traditional refreshing sorbet, on the other one a more velvety, though equally fresh cream, a sweet treat ideal for the hot season.

The mixes for sorbets comprised in Gelatitalia’s exclusive line of powdered mixes for F&B outlets are designed to meet the ever varied needs of consumers, who at the same time put a lot of stress on the sourcing and quality of products they consume when they’re taking a break from work or enjoying a moment of relax.

Why Choosing Gelatitalia’s Line of Sorbets

Gelatitalia’s mixes for sorbets are an excellent alternative to buying pre-made sorbets for many a reason: first of all for their quality, given both by an accurate selection of raw materials and the type of process these undergo in order to get soluble powders; such processes do not indeed undermine the organoleptic properties of the ingredients used. This way, the final product you will be serving to your clients won’t have anything of the typical chemical aftertaste of industrial products, whereas it will return consumers with the whole original fragrance of lemon and coffee, the flavors Gelatitalia chose to offer within its line.

Prepared in dedicated plants that guarantee the absence of any gluten contaminations, making these mixes for sorbets completely gluten free, Gelatitalia’s products let you make great sorbets in a few, simple steps, optimizing your work and that of your employees. Our mixes for sorbets have a very long shelf-life: 2 years for the coffee cream, 3 years for the lemon sorbet and the Supermix Caffè. This allows you to make long-term stocks with no worries of wasting materials even in case of a momentary or seasonal commercial stop.

How To Present Sorbets Creatively In Your Coffee House Or Restaurant

Offering sorbets in their traditional creamy-dessert form at the end of a meal is not the only solution you can put into place. Thanks to our mixes you can let your creativity loose: propose cutting-edge desserts using molds with the strangest shapes or experimenting with different layers and consistencies, or enrich your other preparations with gourmet details, especially fish-based dishes.

You can also use the sorbets made using Gelatitalia’s mixes for savory single serving meals to be served during happy hours, combining, for instance, lemon with other typical Mediterranean flavors and aromas like rosemary and basil. And how about frozen cocktails? All in all, what you have in front of you is an endless universe of possibilities for you to renew your commercial offer and attract even more clients than before!

Discover all our mixes for sorbets here and contact us to make a personalized order!


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