La Delizia, Gelatitalia’s New Line Of Mixes For Milk Puddings And Custards

When the weather is good, the desire for a sweet treat becomes stronger and stronger for the customers of your coffee shops, bakeries and ice-cream parlors: not only they crave for ice cream, but for all the range of milk puddings and custards of our national tradition, from caramel creams to panna cottas and tiramisus. However, is it possible to prepare such milk puddings and custards quickly, keeping up with the pace of your clientele’s requests and with no waste of raw materials, particularly in times like these, when planning supplies and restocks on a long term basis, without working at a loss, seems so hard? Gelatitalia’s La Delizia line of mixes for milk puddings and custards comes to your aid with two delicious options, easy and quick to prepare right in the moment you need them, with the same exact taste of fresh products. Let’s see them in detail.

March 17, 2021

Our Mixes For Quick Cold Milk Puddings & Custards

After a painstaking research in the reference market, we’ve decided to bet on two flavors that promise to unite customers of all ages and increase the revenue of those businesses which will decide to propose them to their clients. This is how we came to develop our two new instant mixes for milk puddings and custards:

  1. La Delizia Tiramisu;
  2. La Delizia Yogurt & Strawberry Jelly.

These two products include all the ingredients you need to prepare and pack your desserts, except for the sponge cake and the powdered cocoa, which can be purchased separately from Gelatitalia’s catalog anyway. Every packaging allows you to create as much as 200 boxes of La Delizia Tiramisu or Yogurt just by following the recipe you’ll be provided with together with the ingredients.

How To Use La Delizia Mixes For Milk Puddings And Custards

You can prepare fresh La Delizias every day, adapting the quantity to the needs of your shop, just by using a kitchen robot and a few other instruments, like a 5kg weighing scale, a pastry bag, a whisk and a blender, alongside with a product label printer to add the expiry date and batch number to your boxes. The dessert can then be sold in the following three days or stored in a negative refrigerated cabinet to be brought to your display cabinets when needed.

Together with the ingredients to prepare La Delizia Tiramisu and La Delizia Yogurt & Strawberry Jelly, Gelatitalia will also provide you with a ready-to-go packaging which includes an individually packaged scoop. All our packing materials are eco-friendly and compostable, including the disposable scoops, which are made in polylactic acid (PLA). This way, we are once again confirming our long-time commitment towards the safeguard of the environment.

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