Slushie Mixes: Tips For Machine Use

September having already started, it’s time for you to think of new strategies to consolidate the success gained in the summertime and get ready for the change of seasons. Using slushie mixes in your café or ice-cream parlor may help you transition effortlessly and approach your menu updates with greater flexibility, while providing an outstanding taste experience well beyond the hot season.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the ultimate solution for offering your customers fresh and alluring products while bypassing the climate instability and seasonal uncertainty you certainly have to deal with.

September 6, 2023

All The Advantages of Slushie Mixes

The key asset of slushie machine mixes is the fact that they can be conveniently stored so as to enable you to sell slushies to your customers also in colder months. Not only will this approach unlock new business opportunities for you, but it will also make a sustainable investment for your outlet.

Being able to preserve your slushie mixes for a long time allows you to avoid excessive waste since you will be using as little product you need each time, therefore not having to throw away perishable fresh ingredients anymore. This will not just cut down on your expenses, but also stand proof to your pledge towards sustainability, a commitment which is evermore appreciated by your environmentally conscious customers.

The range of Gelatitalia’s products spans across a great variety of flavors, classical as well as tropical, and also includes mixes for the making of true Sicilian slushies by the book – a way of unleashing your creativity and meeting the deepst desires of your clients. Through this strategy, you will be able to make the best out of your professional slushie machine even during colder months, contributing to your income and boosting your loyalty marketing.

Alternatively, our neutral slushie mix will give you the kind of flexibility you need in order to create a wide range of flavors and combinations, enabling you to meet your clients’ demands and to offer a unique experience. The neutral mix you will find in Gelatitalia’s catalog can be combined with our ready-to-serve flavor enhancers to customize the taste of your slushie.

How To Pick & Use Slushie Machine Mixes

Still unfamiliar with these products? Here are a few tips to use professional slushie mixes effectively:

  1. Choose high quality slushie mixes: only choose slushie mixes sold by reliable, renown suppliers; opting for high quality products will grant you a great base for your slushies, and allow you to create irresistible flavors that can be faithfully replicated day by day;
  2. Diversify your offer: provide your clients with a wide range of flavors by tapping into Gelatitalia’s rich catalog or use our neutral slushie mix to experiment with personalized flavors so as to attract an even wider, curious clientele; our flavor enhancers will help you push yourself even further with combinations and variations;
  3. Follow the right recipes: measuring out ingredients correctly is essential to giving your slushies the desired taste and texture; Gelatitalia provides you with complete, thorough recipes to get the best results from your professional slushie machine;
  4. Look for taste balance: although your clients surely have a sweet tooth, a balance of taste in your slushie will make it more rounded and enjoyable for them; consider adding sour ingredients such as citrus fruits to balance sweetness and to offer more sophisticated taste experiences.

Finally, remember to provide your staff with detailed instructions as to how to correctly use slushie mixes and take good care of machines, cleaning them regularly to extend the life of the appliance and make sure the products you make always have the same quality over time.


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