What’s New At Gelatitalia In 2021

The year that has just ended has left a bad taste in all of our mouths. Nevertheless, like many other companies in the Bergamo area, one of the most heavily affected by the health emergency in Italy, we have never stopped working. Not only did our production never cease, but we knuckled down and dedicated ourselves to the research of new products for the artisanal ice-cream parlors that have trusted us for so many years. In fact, in this article we are going to introduce you to Gelatitalia’s 2021 news – dreaming, together with you, for the next spring to be full of open-air strolls brightened by the softness of a tasty ice cream. And, who knows? Maybe that bad taste we’ve had in our mouths until now will be replaced by a most welcome breeze of sweetness.

February 25, 2021

What’s New In 2021: Code Word “Health With Taste”

Without wanting to draw any rushed conclusions, it is true that 2020 has brought about, for many of us, a rediscovery of health as the core value in our lives. At the same time we have learned anew how to appreciate the little moments of happiness that we used to take for granted, like dining out, having a coffee with colleagues, chatting on the streets. Bearing this in mind, we decided to develop a new product which could represent, within the frame of a healthy diet, a guilt-free sweet treat: this is how we made our Salus line, comprising milk and fruit bases with no added sugars and rich in fibers. Such products allow ice-cream makers to get healthier ice creams than traditional ones, but just as tasty and creamy as them.

2021 is also bringing many new trademark Gelatitalia delights for the palate of your artisanal ice-cream parlor’s customers: our catalog has been in fact renovated with exotic fruit-flavored – namely mango and passion fruit-flavored –  ice-cream pastes and toppings and a new entry in the Paciugotti line, the Biscottella paste, perfect to create creamy cookie-flavored ice creams in combination with the other products of the same line. The range of complete bases has been complemented with a new toffee flavor standing out for its enveloping texture and unexpected final salty note.

The Gelatitalia Products You’ve Loved Most In 2020

Those who work with us know how attentive we are to market trends and customer needs. As soon as we turned the last page in the 2020 calendar, we considered which semi-finished products for bakeries and ice-cream parlors had worked out best for you last year in order to renovate our line taking your opinion into account first. Well, over the past months you have been especially fascinated by spicy and exotic flavors and bewitched by the combination of high-quality ice cream with the elegant strength of black tea, the herbal scents of rooibos, the flowery smell of vanilla and hibiscus tea, the stingy notes of cranberry.

But most of all you have fallen in love with our new lactose-free complete base Elisa, easy to digest, light and really suitable for everyone: the perfect product for a more inclusive ice-cream parlor, so as to gather all the people again after a long separation and have them savor an artisanal ice cream just as good as it was in times gone by. There couldn’t be a better seal than this for the year that has just ended.

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