Ice-Cream Pastes

Add Gelatitalia ice-cream pastes to your bases while whisking them in order to get the flavors you have always wanted to introduce to your ice-cream parlor: the whole variety of seasonal fruit, ranging from our homeland fruits to more exotic ones, without leaving behind the rich and delicious flavor of nuts and including coffee-, amaretto-, cassata-flavored pastes and many other products to expand your offer and satisfy your customers’ craving for something new. In our catalog you can find both fruit pastes made with chopped, pureed and juiced fruit, and pastes suitable for the creation of enveloping, velvety creams, including many a gluten- and lactose-free mix, all of which are made with selected ingredients from an all-Italian supply chain. In the “I Puri” category, the trademark quality of Gelatitalia’s raw materials, processed in such a way as to keep all their nutritional values and natural flavor unadulterated, combines with the prestige of Protected Designation of Origin labels.


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