E Line: Additive-Free Ice-Cream Bases

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
ebase A005781 cold complete bag 1,2kg 10 bags
ecioccolato A005785 cold complete bag 1,2kg 10 bags
efrutta A005787 cold complete bag 1,1kg 10 bags
eyogurt A005783 cold complete bag 1,2kg 10 bags


Gelatitalia’s E Line stems from our wish to have you serve artisanal ice-creams as similar as possible as how they used to be in times gone by: with those same plain, but naturally intense flavors thanks to the usage of high quality raw materials and the lack of additives, the ones that are usually identified by the letter “E” on products labels. This line is therefore capable of meeting the expectations of modern consumers, both from the standpoint of taste and that of transparency. Among E Line additive-free ice-cream bases you will find neutrals as well as yogurt- and cocoa-flavored bases that only require you to add milk and cream or cold water and fruit in order to get creamy, versatile and enjoyably palatable ice creams. Due to being processed within a separated production line, only gluten-free products are subsumed in this array. Discover the entire catalog!


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