Glitty: Ice-Cream Glittered Toppings

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Codice Preparazione Dosaggio Packaging Unità di vendita Cartone Gluten Free
blue A000648 bottle 1kg 6 bottles
brown A000646 bottle 1kg 6 bottles
gold A000357 bottle 1kg 6 bottles
red A000643 bottle 1kg 6 bottles
silver A000638 bottle 1kg 6 bottles


Decorating ice creams and parfaits with a never-seen-before style? Glitty is Gelatitalia’s new line that brings glittered toppings to your ice-cream parlor: you can use them to give to the ice creams displayed in your parlor’s cabinets and scooped in take-away buckets a bold and shining look that will draw your customers’ attention right away, or to embellish soft serve ice cream in cups, parfaits and milk puddings and custards. Glitty toppings create a jewel-like effect, unpretentious though at the same time most striking, making all your frozen desserts – including single serving desserts, baked cakes, panna cottas and caramel custards – acquire a whole new charm. Discover our entire array which includes 5 different toppings in cold and hot hues plus 2 more orange- and black-cherry-flavored toppings.


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